Traveling is a great way to face your fears or come out of your shell. You will become open to new experiences, opportunities, and people you meet along the way. A good way to succeed at this is to say yes more. It is a very liberating word and can lead to wonderful things if you let it. It is also a way to break old habits. Perhaps the old you would say no to a night out with friends or to go away for the weekend. Maybe you had reasons like saving for a trip. Maybe you were in a funk that kept you down and unsociable.

Well, the old you is just that. That person needs to be left at home. The new you say yes to a night out with friends. The new you say yes to adventure. The new you say yes to the unknown. When you are traveling and say no to something, think about what you are actually saying yes to. Yes to staying the same. Yes to inexperience. And how about these ?!


Maybe you are not adventurous by nature and have always resented that. Maybe you had no real reason to say no other than fear. While traveling you will be given plenty of opportunities to conquer your fears. You will have a choice whether or not to accept your old self or move on. Saying yes to these opportunities can provide a thrill that maybe you didn’t know existed.


Many of us have barriers up for people we do not know. We have become numb to our surroundings and often shut out those around us. Some people will see you like a handout, which can ruin your interactions with others. The key here is some will see you that way, not all. Listen to what people have to say before judging them. It is also saying yes to meeting other people in the same situation. Those other people can lead to other great experiences if you let them.


Maybe you are not the most spontaneous person in the world. When approached with something random and fun you come up with a boring or lame excuse not to do it. This is no way to live and you know it. Traveling will present many chances to be spontaneous and can lead to feeling incredibly free if you allow it. Saying yes to spontaneity is saying yes to the fun.


Maybe you are a fussy eater or have an inexperienced pallet. Be prepared to open up your taste buds to the new and wonderful. Admittedly it is nice once and a while to go with what you know. Don’t waste your calories on meals you can have back home. Experience local delicacies. Not all will be to your tastes but guaranteed you will be surprised at what you find and what you like. Learn to appreciate fresh and locally sourced ingredients and how they are prepared around the world.


Bottom line, ensure you are open to what the world has to offer. Not all travel experiences happen by osmosis. You have to accept them and allow for change. If so you will be given experiences that will last a lifetime. They will come home with you. They will help you grow. They will inspire others. All from saying yes to travel.