> Have a plan for a vacation to California? Just look at some of the information below that will make you not confused about the place you want to visit! I hope below information can be useful for you!

United States, is one country that has a lot of interest when talking about tourism. Yes, these developed countries do have tourist attractions that are enough to attract the attention of many people. Well, the part of the country that you should visit when visiting the United States is California. It is said that there are several tourist attractions both in terms of nature and other things.

This Uncle Sam land does have a beautiful landscape, especially in California. Located on the west coast of the United States of America it turns out it also has the most population in the United States. With the weather or climate that is relatively hot, you can see a lot of tourist attractions that are able to entertain your leisure time. Not here anyway, if California is often referred to or dubbed as The Golden State.

The states that have the largest and most attractive cities, such as Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. With an area of ​​around 410.00 km2, it is the main reason why this state is among the 3rd largest in the United States. You certainly deserve to come to this state when visiting Uncle Sam's country. Instead of getting more curious, here are some choices of tourist attractions that are worth your visit!

For the first choice in a place or tourist attraction in the State of California is the Golden Gate Bridge. A suspension bridge along the Golden Gate. This bridge is used to connect the city of San Francisco on the San Francisco peninsula and Mari County, California.



has a length of about 2,727 m. Like other historical buildings, the Golden Gate Bridge is the work of Joseph Strauss. Since it was completed in 1937, this bridge has also been named the longest bridge in the world.

For the existence of this bridge is also very famous in the world. Even many of the tourists who are willing to take their time to come specifically to this bridge. Many also assume, if this bridge as one of the best examples in bridge engineering, both aesthetically or in beauty or in its structural design.

Next attraction in California is the Golden Gate Park. This tourist spot also offers beauty for visitors and locals. This place has 1,000 hectares of gardens, meadows, lakes, golf, archery and there is a museum, bro.



Is home to 10 lakes, this place is one of the most popular places for you to visit. Many activities you can do in this place. Every year, this park has more than 13 million visitors. No wonder, if you will often find various attractions in this tourist spot.

Feel the picnic experience under a very beautiful meadow tree, or you can walk along the beautiful Lake Stow. So during your visit to the State of California, don't forget to visit Natural Bridge too!



Of course, before you start to adventure in Natural Bridge you have to prepare everything you need to get past all the obstacles. Because with the natural conditions that are free you need a shoe that is usually used for outdoor activities.

This is only to make sure you feel safe and avoid injuries that will disrupt your comfort in enjoying the excitement of adventure in Natural Bridges itself. In this natural tourist spot, you have to walk far enough to reach the natural bridge that has a cave-like shape above Coyote Creek. This bridge is not just one, but there is more than one bridge or cave at the end of this hiking trail and all of them have no different beauty.

Well, for those of you who want to explore further to the end of the cave, then you have to prepare your swimwear, because you have to throw yourself into the river greetings. No need to worry, the river in Natural Bridges does not have a depth that can sink your body.



For you who have a high adventurous spirit, of course, this tourist area is worth to visit. Located in northern California, this national park does not only attract international tourists. But domestic tourists from various other states in the United States also visited this place.

When you get to this place, be prepared to be amazed to see the variety of natural splendor created in this park. You can see the giant rocks of El Capitan, the beautiful valley of Yosemite Valley formed by glaciers thousands of years ago and the Yosemite Falls which reach 435 meters.

Next big lake which is located half in California and half in Nevada is an ideal tourist destination that is worth to visit in various seasons. Many activities that you can do in this place, such as swimming, sailing by boat or just sunbathing while enjoying the crystal clear lake water, cycling or hiking are popular activities that you can do in summer.



When winter comes, usually Lake Tahoe itself is filled with lovers of skiing, sledding and sleigh riding. It turns out that Lake Tahoe itself is the second deepest lake in the United States. So for you who want to see stunning natural beauty, of course Lake Tahoe could be your next choice or destination.

So what about information about tourist attractions in California? Hopefully it can be one of your guidelines when visiting the State of California. The most important thing is to always maintain the cleanliness and sustainability of the environment of tourist attractions that you have visited. Always be enthusiastic and don't stop exploring.


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