If you are planning on vacation The United States Of America (USA) can be one of the choices travel destinations. Beside offering famous tourism like Statue of Liberty attractions, Green Canyon National Park, the Golden Gate Bridge till skyscrapers in the heart of New York, the US also offering cultural attractions and annual festivals that are interesting to watch.

US Fair is an annual event that has been held in the land of Uncle Sam since the 19th century. The event is regularly held at the end of summer (June 21-September 22) or at the early autumn (September 23-December 20).

The initial purpose of the US Fair was to show off agricultural and livestock products throughout the country in the US, but not only natural products are on display there are also industrial products and various artwork from entertainment industry.

Here are some festivals from the states of America that you should not miss while visiting US:


This annual festival in Alabama is one of the biggest festivals among other American states. The event, which has taken place since 1954, usually features large-scale circus shows, pig racing competitions, and more than 50 exciting games. You will be truly entertained by visiting the Alabama National Fair. The program was even more lively with various Alabama specialties, such as pork cutlet. This Charlie’s Pork On A Stick dish is guaranteed to spoil the tongue for the fans.


The festival earned the nickname "Big Fun" because it presents a giant water park with 25 different water rides. Filled with hundreds of water activities suitable for all ages. Furthermore, at the California State Fair there are various racing events, such as motocross, and animal exhibits, including kangaroos, miniature horses, rabbits, and pigeons. This is something you can't miss if you visit the California State Fair, which is the natural beauty of the Monterey beach and the Redwood forest which is only a few feet away. This natural beauty only exists in California.


Alaska State Fair is very interesting for you to watch in the state of Alaska. Although Alaska is known for its extremely cold weather throughout the year, the desire of the people of Alaska to participate in this festival is huge. Alaska State Fair presents various competitions, ranging from boxing matches, horse racing, rodeos, to baseball games.

Well, the most interesting thing from this festival is the big cabbage contest. Maybe this contest sounds strange to you, but believe it or not, at the 2012 cabbage contest, the weight of one cabbage produced by the contest winner reached 62.7 kilograms (kg). So big, the cabbage is included in the Guinness Book of World Records.


Kentucky State Fair is one of the unique festivals that ever existed in the united state. Every year the locals hold the World Chicken Festival to celebrate the legacy of Colonel Harland Sanders, a businessman or founder of an already well-known fast food, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Real proof of the success of this event the number of visitors to the Kentucky State Fair which reached 500 thousand people.

Colonel Sanders founded KFC's first restaurant in his residence, specifically Laurel County, the Heart of Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky in the 1940s. Assisted by Lee Cummings, the inventor of the recipe "Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken", the founder of KFC has succeeded in raising KFC to the world-wide.


New York is the state that holds this annual festival for the first time. The festival, which is held every weekend, starting on August 4-September 30, not only offers a variety of shows, but also allows visitors to participate in the event on the condition of wearing a tuxedo.

Why tuxedo? Because this event was made to make visitors feel how the old life, precisely life in the Middle Ages in America. In addition, the latest news says that only at the New York Renaissance Fair Fest you can see "Max Power", a 2.7 meter tall robot that can take selfies.

So are you interesting visiting US next year!!


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