Discussing the City of Malacca in Malaysia, as well as trying to down a long time tunnel. Where there are a number of interesting stories behind cool buildings even though they are far from our age.

Not only that, Melaka has a long and clean river. Uniquely this place is likely far from the modern world, because on the banks of the river a lot of old buildings, a number of coffee shops and inns.


It feels, coming to Melaka is unfortunate if you do not ride the Melaka River Cruise. When I came to Melaka two years ago, my intention to board a ship and go along the river had to fail. The reason is, I don't have enough pocket money. Meanwhile, the ticket price for foreign tourists is 30 RM. Once you experience Melaka River Cruise, you might fast and sleep in the musala.

But this time I will not miss it again. I have to feel the river along with Melaka River Cruise. Feeling happy to be able to take a boat down the Melaka river. You can see the activities of local residents on the edge of the river.


It feels as though the burden of life is quite heavy and office burdens. There is something interesting when I ride the Melaka River Cruise. Throughout the trip visitors will be heard the story of Melaka's history.

The city of Melaka was once a struggle for rulers. Because, Melaka is a very strategic area. The city is indeed suitable as a place of trade because it is very close to the Straits of Melaka which is a silk route. Until now the role of the Straits of Malacca is still very important in terms of trade between the east and west. Melaka also became the center of the city and the most famous evidence of smoke in its time.

Trade activities carried out in ancient times were not separated by rivers since the beginning of the 15th century. This is why the invaders from Europe were tempted to master it. This is the atmosphere when going down the river (unfortunately there is no picture of me on the boat)

When riding the Melaka River Cruise, it's the same as you walking along the silk trade route. Plus I heard footage from the trade fair. I was boarded to a blue motor boat and down the Melaka river. When before I just sat on the banks of the river and saw a number of lizards swimming there. Seeing the activity of tourists who were boarding a boat along the Suaka Melaka, muttering, "How exciting if you ride?"

It's just 30 RM when it feels heavy to spend. Yes, I just went around while meeting the stock photos. Walk through a number of tourist areas in the area of ​​a sturdy old building painted red, feel the ambience of the city and see the rain.



This time me and a number of my traveling companions seemed happy to be able to down this historic Melaka river. Even my fellow travelers from Malaysia themselves looked amazed at this very interesting attraction.

"Melaka River Cruise, in my opinion as a Malaysian citizen is very interesting, I can see the Melaka river side view from a different perspective," Meran said to me. Cool, right? There was a mural of Hang Tuah, but it was only when he got off the ship

I just think so too, as we used to see the banks of the Melaka river from the edge of a different side, when riding the Melaka River Cruise everything seemed different because we were in the middle of the river and walked slowly.

As my suggestion, when you come to Melaka, this river alignment is a pity to pass. Spend money 30 RM but can be interesting and exciting experience why should you feel loss? Who knows, your experience will be more exciting than mine