I have long been curious about Ha Long Bay, a bay in the northern part of Vietnam which is very famous for its beautiful karst hills. It's so beautiful, many big box office movie were filmed here. Let see movie titled Pan about the adventures of Peter Pan and also Kong Skull Island, a reboot movie of the King Kong. Then, how beautiful is that Ha Long Bay? Let's check out our (Goazam) travel story.



Early in the morning, around 7:30 local time, we were picked up by the tour operator bus in the hotel lobby. The journey from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay takes about 3 hours. However, don't worry about being bored. The scenery along the road was so beautiful, pampering eyes with green rice fields stretching out along the road and the hills looming in the distance.

The tour guide also did not stop explaining stories about Vietnam, so 3 hours really did not seem long journey. Not bad at all, increase knowledge and also friends.


It was almost 11PM when we arrived at a large port filled with cruise ships that would bring travelers to explore Ha Long Bay. There are around 600 ships operating there, so you can imagine how busy the port is. Crowded tourists back and forth with various languages ​​could be heard in the air. Feels in the middle of nowhere.



Once the ship was allowed to sail, we headed slowly in calm waters of the bay. Lunch dishes came out one at a time and we ate lunch with view over of Ha Long Bay. It felt like my tears were almost dripping with the solemnity of that view, the aura of peace wafted very strong.

After lunch was over, we hurried up to the upper deck to enjoy the endless view of the karst hills. It is said that there are over 2,000 karst hills here. No wonder, finished passing one hill, then there is another hill, it's cool.

The clouds hung a little gray at that time, looking very contrasting with the color of moss green water. Really stunningly beautiful! I could not imagine if it was sunny, what would this beautiful bay look alike.

Oh yes, it is said, many travelers who take pictures do not look at the right place in Ha Long Bay. It's been too reckless, so a lot of cellphones are falling there's.

Our tour guide made a joke, saying that maybe in the future the name of Ha Long Bay would change to iPhone Bay, cause there were so many smartphones slipping there. Ha ha ha. We laugh out loud because it could be an event in the future, you know! Haha.



There are several activities that can be done at Ha Long Bay. Just isn't always sailing on the boat.

First, we will explore karst caves by canoe or bamboo boat. Just choose which one. If your adventurous spirit continues to feel strong and balanced, please choose a canoe. Will be more challenging problem ahead.

If you want to relax enjoy the view then you can ride a bamboo boat manned by powerful Vietnamese women. The mothers will row the boat with a capacity of 4-6 people.

Other activities in Ha Long Bay besides exploring karst caves, we will also be taken to visit stalactites on the hill. A little homework does go up on it, but it's really worth the trouble places is so beautiful.



Oh yeah, "Ha Long" itself literally means "Dragon Down". This bay is called Ha Long because when viewed from a height like a dragon coming down to earth. Once upon a time, in ancient times, the people there were attacked by invaders from the north. Then to protect the Vietnamese population the Gods sent a dragon mother and her child to help protect them.

After successfully drowning the invaders, the dragon mother and her child did not return to nirvana. But even so, they still live on earth helping the people of Vietnam.

Ha Long Bay is the bay of pride for Vietnamese citizen, not only because it generates a large tourism foreign exchange (helping the local economy) but also because the Vietnamese people believe that their ancestors were dragons who came down to earth and protected them all this time.

The experience of sailing on Ha Long Bay was indeed unforgettable, it felt very exotic when our boat snaked sailed between karst hills that looked like the back of the dragon. Amazing!

For Newbie to Ha Long Bay, don't worry and confused. Vietnam is very good at packaging tourism, so organize and affordable. There are many tour packages that we can choose as needed to explore Ha Long Bay. There are 1 day tour package, 2 day tour and even 3 day tour package.

We took a 1 day tour package with a price of package no more than USD 50. per person. The price of this package includes a pickup from the hotel for free (if staying in the old quarter), lunch on a cruise, lunch and insurance. Really affordable, right?

Tickets can be purchased online at least 24 hours in advance or can also be ordered at the hotel. But on our experience is still cheaper to buy online. But nothing is really cheap in Vietnam, you will be feels as a millionaire when vacationing here.

The tour finishes before 4 pm. Dusk began to come and our ship went back accompanied by the cool bay breeze play chasing with hair, we giggled trying to tidy up the hair back at once satisfied because finally it arrived at Ha Long Bay.