Thailand has long been a classic travel destination for the Southeast Asian region. Beautiful beaches, cheap accommodation, and delicious food make this country a top choice for tourists.

However, in recent years, Vietnam has begun to become a new mainstream travel destination for the Southeast Asian region by offering travelers lower density than Thailand and cheap accommodation. Here are nine reasons why Vietnam is now the best place to go for vacation in Southeast Asia



Vietnamese cuisine is famous for its blend flavors from various cultures. Call it banh noodles, the food in the form of sandwiches is made from French bread or baguette but combined with Vietnamese specialties such as pork, fried eggs, tofu, or fresh vegetables.

The high Buddhist population in Vietnam is also a boon for vegetarian travelers. Because, they easily find "artificial meat" made from tofu or gluten. There are also famous Vietnamese noodle soups, which are pho, rice, steamed buns, and fresh spring rolls.


Having more than 3,000 kilometers of coastline makes tourists feel like they are in three different countries. Parts of Vietnam are divided into three, namely North Vietnam, Central Vietnam and South Vietnam.

The three regions have various climates at one time. For example, in the northern part snow can fall in the mountains, while in the south, temperatures can reach 30 degrees Celsius. Each area has its own uniqueness from the mountain to the bay in North Vietnam then the ranch area in Central Vietnam and the many deltas in South Vietnam.


Worried about not being able to speak Vietnamese? Take it easy, because many Vietnamese can speak English. Local people love to speak English with travelers. However, some words and sentences such as "xin chao" (hello) and "cam on" (thank you) in Vietnamese will still be often spoken by them and it is also good for you to learn a little Vietnamese before going on vacation there.


When going to all locations in Vietnam, travelers will be greeted kindly by local residents who are very happy to help travelers without expecting anything in return. Even so, in some tourist locations, the seller will offer goods at high prices. However, don't hesitate to bargain. Shop comfortably and without feeling depressed.


Flight tickets to Vietnam are quite affordable. Even though the number of direct flights to Ho Chi Minh is relatively small, in the promo period you can get cheap plane ticket


The cost of living in Vietnam is fairly cheap. For the cost of a meal with a full meal and alcoholic drinks only cost around 10 US dollars per person. As for lodging, you can sleep in five-star hotels at prices under 70 US dollars. If you want a cheap vacation, you can spend only 20 US dollars per day in Vietnam.


If you are a history buff, you must visit Vietnam, which is not ashamed to show its past. The War Remnants Museum, the Hoa Lo Prison Museum and Cu Chi Tunnels provide stories about the Vietnam War.


Vietnam has eight UNESCO world heritage sites including Ha Long Bay or Phing Nha-Ke Bang National Park. If you want to visit sites that have more cultural elements, Ho An Old City and My Son Sanctuary can be a choice.


Vietnam is a country that has a high diversity. When you go from North Vietnam to South Vietnam, you seem to cross national borders. Because, Vietnam has more than 50 different ethnic groups, each speaking their own language