Thailand is known as a country that has lot of variety destinations for honeymooners. At all times couples from various continents such as Asia, Australia, Europe and America chose to honeymoon in this country. Last year capital city of Bangkok, became the city most frequently visited by tourists, sounds good let's find out.

If you plan go to honeymoon abroad, it's veritably wise to choose Thailand as a travel destination. Cause we know currency exchange it's not too expensive, and culinary so freshly exotic but it's just fits in the tongue, it turns out the cost of accommodation there is relatively low too. So that makes Thailand is right choice for honeymoon destination.

Then what activities can be done with beloved one? Here it is 5 of the most popular activities you can do there.



Khao Yai is located on a cool, green plateau. It is about two and a half hours drive from the capital city of Bangkok. Many of the couples choose this place as a spot for honeymoon because it's romantic place with mountain breezes. You will get an unforgettable experience of glam camping fun there. Luxury camping likely in a five star hotel.



Krabi is the next favorite destination. Natural beauty of the sea and uniquely karts of rocky islands. You can explore Krabi with your partner, like a pair of adventurers who sail in the seas.

Boat guides that are usually called Kaya will take you and your beloved explore the beauty of mangrove forests, take a rest and lunch at a secret island that you and your partner cannot forget.

Then return to the starting place in the afternoon, you and your partner will be given a surprise in the form of sunset. More serene accompanied by small talk and enjoy a delicious barbecue dish.



Saving many small Island that is so exotic & beautiful makes the Gulf of Pha Nga so famous is located in the southern region of Thailand. Island that are very well known is James Bond Island, Maya Beach and Phi-Phi Island which until now still invites many tourists to enjoy it.

Don't miss to sail across the bay to a very beautiful island. Stop one by one of them. There is Phi Phi Island for example, will guaranteed the view can give beautiful memories with your partner.



The third and largest island in Thailand that is frequently visited by foreign couples for honeymooners is Koh Samui. This island is known to have unique beaches surrounded by five-star resorts.

In addition, this island is also known to have a yoga retreat which is quite popular in Thailand. Among them are Kamalaya. That is a place located near the cave and hidden. Reportedly this place is often used as a place of retreat by Buddhist priests.

It is suitable for you who want to get rid of fatigue during your honeymoon because it is said that this place creates strong energy for refreshing and freeing yourself from stress.



Visiting other countries, it doesn't feel good if you don't hunt for food. Of course the culinary and shopping center is located in the capital itself. Bangkok.

Among the many Michelin stars famous restaurants, Bangkok is one of the cities in Asia that has many restaurants titled 'Michelin'.

Don't ask culinary. Do you and your partner just want to try out street food? Or mix with local food, seafood, or just hang out at the rooftop bar? No need to worry, everything is complete. From street food to rooftop bars, from seafood to local Thai specialties, everything is available and complete in this city with friendly merchants and smiling coupled, making your honeymoon activities completed with feelings of pleasure and a full stomach.

Honeymoon with your partner, especially for the first time after marriage is indeed a moment that is so expected by every couple. But remember, honeymoon will cost you expense not forget to mention much energy will be expended too.

Therefore, it would be nice before your honeymoon is really ripe in travel itinerary. From a financial perspective as well as physical and spiritual physical readiness. Nothing wrong if you consult this with your partner. Because the purpose of the honeymoon itself is to achieve harmony with the idol of your heart.

It's simply, you don't need to be glamorous on honeymoon. Even with a simple and low cost, you can still honeymoon comfortably. Without worrying about your savings wasted. But if you want to do honeymoon abroad likely in Thailand, don't forget to stop by on the 5 destinations mentioned earlier that have been described previously.

So Happy honeymoon and don't forget to be happy!