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What is Goazam?

At Goazam, we believe that booking a holiday is the beginning of a fantastic holiday experience. That is why we are firmly committed to making the entire booking process efficient, relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable. We understand that people are often too busy to spend hours going through the millions of rate provided by hotels and tour providers to find the best deal in terms of cost and quality. In order to provide our customers with the service they need, we select the best luxury hotels and holidays; curate exclusive offers and offer fantastic customer service throughout the holiday booking process. You simply have to pick the dates for your holiday, go through our extensive listings and choose the one that suits you the best. You can rest assured that by choosing your travel services with us, you are getting the best price available online at the time of your purchase. In order to provide you with an amazing holiday experience, we do all the hard work by going through thousands of rates offered by tour operators and hotels; negotiating with our travel partners to get you the best rates available online and making sure to add some thoughtful extras to your package.


What is the Goazam Price Guarantee?

The Goazam Price Guarantee is to offer you the best rates available online while the sale is live.


Why Book with Goazam?

We act as an agent for the suppliers of travel services. This includes tour operators and hotels. Each supplier is handpicked by us and featured on the site. So by selecting your hotel and tour operator through us, you gain access to an exclusive list of high-quality hotels and dependable tour operators that can provide you with an unforgettable holiday experience. Furthermore, our priority is to give you what you need at the best price possible. With us, you will be motivated to experience some of the most fantastic holidays in the world. We do our best to inspire you to try excellent new hotels and tours that you may not have found had you not become one of our members. Additionally, our team of travel experts always tries to secure little extras, like room upgrades, spa treatments, complementary meals or discounts for our members. It is these thoughtful touches that are the distinctive feature of the Goazam holiday booking experience.


What are Flash Sales?

Our Flash Sales let you enjoy the lowest prices available online. Period. This means that the top rate advertised by us when we open a sale is the highest possible saving you can achieve with that particular offer and represents the lowest price you could pay. At times, you may end up paying even less than the rate advertised! However, as the availability of our best deals could be limited, please make sure to check your emails regularly for notifications of upcoming sales. When you visit our site with an idea of where and when to go on holiday and we have only a limited number of offers or none that meet your specifications, we may show you hotels from our collection that match the price against the best rates available online. Our priority is to give you what you need at the best price possible.


What if I Find One of Your Flash Sales Cheaper Elsewhere?

It is up to us to make sure that this never happens. Our team of travel experts go through millions of rates and negotiate with our suppliers to find the lowest rates available online. In the unlikely event that you find a lower priced offer elsewhere that we have overlooked, please contact us on support@goazam.com and we will remove our offer immediately and renegotiate with our supplier to provide you a better deal.


How are Prices Calculated?

Package offers that include travel are priced per person. The best rate advertised for a particular location and date is usually the most popular as it is the lowest. That is why offers with the best rate often sell out before the remaining dates that have slightly higher lead rates. We inform you when the spots with a certain rate have been sold out. Please visit the “More Details” section of each offer to find out more about how our prices are calculated.


What Do I Get When I Join Goazam Premium?

We offer our members discounts of up to 100% on boutique hotels and luxury holidays, automatic upgrade to best available rooms, late checkout, free breakfast for 2. Additionally, our members are given access to hundreds of wonderful offers, locations and experiences.


Who Can Join?

We love travellers. Any person looking for the best holiday booking experience is welcome to become one of our beloved members.


Will You Send Me Emails?

We make sure to keep in touch. We will be sending a weekly summary every Monday of all the sales that are coming up during the next seven days as well as reminders of when the new sales start. Our email system is designed to ensure that our members do not miss out on any of our ongoing sales and promotions. You can opt out of receiving our emails at any time.


What are the Booking Fees and Charges?

A booking fee is a small administrative fee charged by Goazam when you pay for your hotel or holiday. Rest assured that we do our best to keep fees and taxes to a minimum but we may have to charge a small booking fee and a separate surcharge depending on your method of payment. If these charges apply, you will be notified of the fee before you make the payment.


What is the Booking Fee for?

This fee helps us provide customer support and helps us cover the cost of transactions on our website. For total transaction values that cost less than £99, there will be no booking fee at all. Additionally, the maximum charge per total transaction is £20 regardless of how large your purchase is.


Will I Get a VAT Invoice?

As Goazam acts solely as an agent between the supplier and customer, invoices displaying the VAT paid can only be obtained directly from the hotel, which is the legal entity that will provide the service for you. Goazam can issue a separate invoice displaying the VAT from any applicable booking fees or card surcharges. To obtain this, simply contact our customer service team on support@goazam.com and provide your booking ID.


At Goazam, we ensure to reward our loyal customers. You receive a credit reward

when you invite five friends or more to become our members. In order to invite a friend, please send them your own referral link to join Goazam.


After My Booking, What is My Relationship with Goazam?

Goazam is a travel agent that handpicks and showcases unbeatable and exclusive deals for its members. Once a customer has made a booking on Goazam, the customer has effectively entered a contract with the supplier that the booking was made with.


What if I have a Complaint?

If you are unhappy with any aspect of your hotel or holiday and you feel the experience you purchased was unsatisfactory, please take this issue up with the hotel management, your tour operator or resort representative. We will help you reach a resolution. Please notify us on support@goazam.com. if you feel that your experience was not in line with what was advertised by us. For all flight related issues such as delays or cancellations, please contact the tour operator directly.


How are Ratings given?

A star rating is a useful classification of the accommodation and reflects the standard of the establishment in its own country. While a five star hotel in New York may feel different to a five star hotel in Istanbul, we go to great lengths to ensure that each hotel we sell reaches and exceeds our expectations and standards.


What if My Booking is Changed or Cancelled?

We take immense care in making sure all details, prices and information we provide are correct. However, there can be rare occasions when a supplier, tour operator or hotel cancels a booking after it has been made on our site. This is beyond our control as the provider may have sold out of rooms or seats without updating us and is therefore unable to honour the booking. As we are the agent and your contract is with the supplier, we will support you in getting a refund or changing your dates. We are not responsible for costs associated with a cancellation by a supplier. This is why we always recommend that you buy travel insurance that will cover your losses if this occurs. For further information about changes and cancellations, please see the terms and conditions on our website.


What is End Supplier Failure Cover?

An increasing number of people have begun to book parts of their holiday separately, rather than choosing to buy a package holiday. End Supplier Failure occurs when an independent supplier, such as an airline or hotel, goes bankrupt. Cover for this is usually given only as part of a comprehensive travel insurance policy. So be sure to select an insurance policy that includes this level of protection. Make sure to purchase your insurance right after you pay for your hotel or holiday with us. That way, you can ensure to enjoy your fantastic holiday with peace of mind.


Is Travel Insurance Necessary?

Travel insurance is an essential part of ensuring a satisfying holiday experience. We strongly recommend that you book travel insurance whenever you plan on taking a vacation. We do understand that travel insurance is the least glamorous aspect of arranging a holiday. However, no matter how thoroughly one plans a holiday, there is always the possibility of something unexpected happening. Additionally, worrying about something going wrong can detract from the overall satisfaction of a holiday. By booking travel insurance, you have essentially made certain that you will be able to recover from any unexpected loss that you may face while you are traveling. We feel that this is a necessary investment that can save you time, money and bring you peace of mind. Therefore, Goazam strongly advises all its members booking holidays to purchase adequate travel insurance for the type of trip they take; whether it’s a foreign holiday or a local holiday within the UK. We recommend that you choose a comprehensive plan that offers a high level of protection. Depending on the level of protection of your plan, travel insurance covers you against booking cancellations, health care needs, family emergencies, baggage losses, supplier failures and a whole host of other potential issues.

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